Ciao Italia


‘Ciao Italia’ is a documentary that tells six stories of Italians who have decided to leave their country to live in Berlin.
Simple stories. Essential stories. Sometimes surprising stories like that of a family of Naples, with two children and a third on the way, who left Naples to give a better life to their children. Surprising stories because none of these Italians knows German. Not a word. These are stories that have intrigued us and we have decided to document. We chose Italians coming from different cities in Italy (Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Bolzano) as a proof of a wave of migration that concerns the whole country without any regional distinctions.
Besides these stories, because of them, we have included images of the city of Berlin that seem to connect to the concept of restructuring. In this documentary we are accompanied from a German friend, who loves Italy dramatically. Who speaks Italian and tells stories about Italy and still gives a little hope for those, who maybe in the future, will come back in Italy. For this reason we mean ‘Ciao Italy’ and not ‘Farewell Italy’.
The documentary was screened in cinemas in Berlin, Babylon Mitte, Rome, Milan, Florence, and several Festivals.