Video Installation.
A room 4Mt x 4Mt with 4 screens, where the same video, 20 minutes length, runs in loop.

Galerie Le Rayon Vert, Nantes (France)

Video and Installation Barbara Bernardi
Voices and texts Barbara Bernardi, Beatrice Nicolas, Myriam Luviot, Esther Jahns.

It is an invitation to a journey, looking for a own Island.

The video was shot on a small island in Brittany (France).
A woman walks until around all the outline of this island.
She goes, she stops to look at the sea and she goes on.
The viewer finds himself in the middle, surrounded by the images and the sound, like on the island, he watches the figure of this woman, who can not leave and we do not know of she wants to leave anyway.
Four different voice on three language (French, German, Italian) tell the story of this woman.
Who is she? What does she do? What does she want? Flee or stay.
The texts are the results of a writing workshop where the people watched the video so that they could build up a story, an interpretation of this going. Later they have read theirs texts. I recorded theirs voices and I mixed them with improvised music.