The Pond

Video and Sound installation with three screens in a pool of 3mt x 7mt.
The three Videos run in loop, each is of 20 minutes.
With video “Voyage”.

Exhibition at “Zentralstation”, Kunst am Spreeknie Art Festival, Schöneweide, Berlin

The water, as a symbol of the unconscious, where all the memories, the feelings and the hidden desires emerge. This is the first element where we move. In each video there is a naked body under water while sleeping, some objects and images are coming up into the surface like dreams.
The sound is water’s sound and words in different language from people who talk about their experiences or memories with the water. These voices are doubled and repeated like the images. I have worked with three different visual levels: the body, the sea, the appearance of the photos and the objects in the water.
I have chosen three friends who have a special relationship with the water. My goal was to film the moment of the emergence of feeling and memory from the unconscious / from the water.